My kids need me, and I need them. So as much as possible, I was present.
We can tell our daughters every day that they are smart, beautiful, funny, and kind, but the goal is for them to hear it and most importantly, to believe it.
The first day of school can be a happy one for everyone, including those with special needs, with the right tools in place.
Not talking about the struggles means it is harder to talk about the celebrations. But know it can get better.
These three women who were present at the rawest moments of my life got me through them.
They don't get the credit and search for the praise, but they were such an important part of our NICU journey.
Do your local policemen have a program like this one?
His world is hidden to all of us, but one thing is certain: My son’s body is continually acting to move while his mind is continually fighting the movement.