From Blog to Book Deal

I'm getting published

From Blog to Book Deal

Dear yummy mummy club readers, hold on to your yoga pants and put down that toddler.

I haz great news.

I have a book deal! Ok, maybe not great news to you (you're probably just surfing here trying to glean a good activity for your kid so you can fold laundry in peace). But this is head-spinning news to me. I have a book deal. Still so un-imagine-able.

While using my me-time while I was last pregnant I wrote a manuscript filled with activities for kids to do (obvious topic if you ever read my writing). I pitched it through my son's first year of life (a good use of nap time I'd say). Then, this year (year 2 of his life, for those keeping count) a publisher came to me, asking if the book was still available.

It's been a whirlwind of contracts and emails.

But it's official.

Visit your local bookstore Feb. 2014 for a book — in the kids' section — published by Cico Books and written By Caroline Fernandez somewhere on the title page.  

I am certain my proposal strong point (other than the topic) was my blogging experience — here and at my personal site www.parentclub.ca. I know I have shared Why Blogging Makes Me A Better Mother but it also is a serious contributor to making me a better writer.

From blogging to book deals...it's amazing the things you can accomplish during nap time!