All roads point to sex being negative and a source of shame - never an intimate, healing, spiritual act that can also be damn fun and feel good.
It's a game played by exhausted parents around the country—trying to have sex without your kids barging in.
The decision to have my clitoral hood pierced was by far the boldest thing I’d ever done - and I did it just for me.
New Year, New You. New things to stuff in your vagina, apparently.
Valentines Day for Kids
Everything Valentines day now is targeted at kids, and I think it's time we take one holiday back for us adults.
Vagina game
Apparently France has been playing vajayjay video games for YEARS.
when your partner has no interest in sex
How to support your partner, and what not to do.
Sexy is probably the last thing you feel right now, so this is how you go from making your "spark" go from smoldering to hot again.