Going out for family fun can be a challenge when your child is autistic. Here's a list of autism friendly attractions in Ontario and Canada that can help make planning easy! | YMC
A list of autism friendly attractions so all kids can enjoy experiencing new things.
We spend so much time telling kids what NOT to do but we don't tell them what to do instead.
I think this is one thing that special needs parents understand, and no one else does.
Yoga isn't just for stressed out adults.It has some surprising benefits for little ones too.
Rosie ODonnell tweet Trump
You have to be careful about labeling kids, especially on social media.
An Open Letter to Parents on Diagnosis Day
When you get the diagnosis you will want to rip those words off fast, like a Band-Aid, as though it will make the process less painful.
The Power of Early Intervention and How It Helped My Daughter Walk & Talk | YMCSpecialNeeds | YummyMummyClub.ca
Despite the doctors who told us there was nothing wrong, we knew. Mother’s instinct—it’s real and it’s powerful. 
Time to stop playing the blame game.