May 31 2012

A Case Study On Names

Based On The YMC Bloggers

by: Candace Alper

After having taken a close look at the recent release of the Top Baby Names of 2011, I had some fun doing a little bit of research about the names of the Yummy Mummy Club Bloggers.

May 29 2012

Top 10 Baby Names of 2011

US Social Security Administration Releases Data On Most Popular Baby Names Of Last Year

by: Candace Alper

May marks the release of the Top Baby Names, according to the data collected by US Social Security Administration. There is not a Canadian equivalent available of this data, but given the close relation of our culture, I’m quite confident that the results would be similar.

I see baby names every day and some days, weeks, and months, I note that some are more popular than others, and the popularity of some names grow while others fade. The Top 10 Baby Names, according to the US Social Security Administration, held few surprises for me. 

May 27 2012

Baby Names And Branding

My Conversation With Media Personality Samantha Ettus

by: Candace Alper

Social Media provides a space for me to work and play. I have always seen it as an open fieldan opportunity throughout the course of my day, evening, or insomnia-laden night to meet, discuss, source, promote, and learn. One of the first people that I ‘met’ on Twitter was Samantha Ettus (@SamanthaEttus). Samantha is a leader and expert on personal branding and working moms.


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