what is the hymen
Did I lose my virginity to gymnastics? It's the cherry poppin' truth about the membrane that so many obsess about.
purity ball
Purity balls are a special celebration in which girls symbolically offer up their virginity for safeguarding by their fathers.
Four beliefs about saving sex for marriage that can be tossed out the bedroom window.
art school student loses virginity in front of class
Can sex be construed as art? Clayton Pettet a 19-year-old Londoner thinks so and is going to lose his virginity in front of an audience.
Does how you lose your virginity really influence the rest of your sexual life or will practice make perfect?
Jill Duggar is getting married
Is there any merit in chastity? Do you think the Duggar way will inspire any other young adults? you think? Is there merit in chastity?