If you think the village has disappeared...think again. It's closer than you think.
Joe's parents have logged 42 years, he hasn't even hit 7. But whatever bar they set, he's look forward to challenging it.
Managing grief in communities suffering loss | YummyMummyClub.ca
Help with what to say and do when someone in the community suffers the unthinkable.
An unexpected reminder for all of us who have been there, and those of us that will be whether we like it or not.
Facebook Allergy Support Groups
The most helpful allergy support groups on Facebook, where you can find great information, and most importantly: empathy and commiseration.
by: Alex Thom
They say to understand how a person really feels, you have to walk in their shoes awhile. But what if those shoes are ill-fitting and deeply uncomfortable?
No matter how much help you get it the brunt of the work always falls on mom's shoulders.
Here's why I want to thank YOU.
This is for every person who has ever read or commented on my blog. Thank you.
by: Alex Thom