Answers to your top 5 questions about an individual education plan.
In the "kids always tell the truth edition," there are no holds barred when you're pregnant and a kindergarten teacher.
Mandatory Volunteering For High School
Many parents of adolescents and soon-to-be adolescents have heard of the mandatory community service model for engaging high school students in volunteering.
Seeing school through the eyes of the students. A must-read for every parent, teacher, and student.
Santa in schools
How should a teacher respond when asked if Santa is real while balancing the needs of a diverse classroom and not contradicting what families have told them?
Some students are square pegs overlooking the round holes. Instead of sanding the corners off the pegs, maybe the education system should widen the holes...
The goal in kindergarten is to produce kids who are happy and eager to attend but with no cap on class sizes even this simple goal may not be attainable.
Three things Ontario parents can - and should - do instead of pulling kids out of school.