Tell us what you think....should the customer always be right?
Here is my advice to the owners of United—give your employees a retreat. Play the trust game where you fall into each others arms. Help them find their smiles.
It’s a thankless job. It’s a hard job. Everyone is quick to complain, but hesitant to praise.
Bad customer service doesn't discriminate. Our mummy mechanic offers sage advice for when you feel your mechanic is giving you the runaround.
As I was still trying to understand how a stranger could get in touch with my daughter on textPlus, I received an email from their Head of Security.
The most important customer service lesson you can ever learn—and it's from an elementary school-aged kid.
The other day, I walked up to our local mall wto see what we could get with the Please Mum gift cards they were given for their birthdays.
A manager who lied, a Jeep not ordered and an unremorseful sales staff....could this bad car buying situation be turned around?