You don’t hear people speak openly about their lack of desire to breastfeed. They don’t want to risk the inevitable fire and brimstone that will befall them.
I had nursed two thriving babies and was confident in my ability to care for a baby, until I wasn’t.
I spent months pouring over parenting and newborn books while pregnant with my first born. I was particularly obsessed with how-to breastfeeding manuals.
I didn’t receive a lot of negative attention for breastfeeding in public. But I had certainly seen the negativity directed at others.
The United Nations of Breastfed Toddlers set a modest goal of 100% compliance. Failure to comply may result in tantrums in accordance with international law.
Breastfeeding can make life easier for mothers - in many ways.
Can we please grow the fk up and get over the fact that women have boobs?
“Think of your breast as a big juicy burger,” my midwife said, while squeezing my massively engorged breast, shoving it into my impossibly tiny newborn’s mouth