OnStar Handsfree
The automotive technology that can help after you've been in an accident.
Crash Test Dummies
An inside look at how a vehicle manufacturer uses crash test dummies to keep you and your family safe.
NZ Mistakes ad
Car crashes aren't always black and white - sometimes both drivers make mistakes.
Headrest Adjustment
The Insurance Bureau of Canada found that only 14% of drivers have their headrests properly adjusted. Here are the three steps to ensure yours is correct.
Recognize Someone Who Makes A Difference In Their Community
Nominate that special person in your life today and encourage him or her to keep bringing "shineness" into everyone's lives!
Feet on dash
Dear Front Seat Passengers: It may be comfortable to lean back and relax your feet on the dash but there's a very good reason you should never do this.
As we all know, accidents happen. Print a copy of this post and keep it in your glovebox. It'll be one more thing you can do to be prepared, just in case.
Transport truck rollover
None of these motorists woke up predicting they would be confronted with a transport truck falling from an overpass and landing in their path.