How Not To Have An Affair
Is an innocent friendship turning into something more? Here are five things to keep in mind if you're considering going down the slippery slope of infidelity.
How Not To Have An Affair
The Bottom Line: No matter what's going on in your marriage, adding a new person to the mix is never the answer. Here's how you can discourage an affair.
Sometimes a locked phone might just be a locked phone but other times it could be the first sign of something else..
Do Exes Belong In Your Social Media Circle?
Is it advisable or even healthy to keep your former significant others in your social media circles? The answer is...
Wife of NBA Star Allows Him to Cheat 'Once A Year'
One night a year NBA star, Andrei Kirilenko, gets a free pass to have sex with anyone he wants.
We don't hesitate to go to professionals to renovate our home or fix our appearance so why do we hesitate when it comes to fixing a marriage?