The High Cost of Autism

Together We Are Better

The High Cost of Autism

As many of you know, my wonderfully charming 4-year-old son was diagnosed with autism. The past year has been a real uphill battle—with some peaks, and many trenches—to get him the support he needs.

Just recently, an Ottawa family made headlines for leaving their autistic teenage son at a public office since they could no longer care for him. A desperate, last-ditch cry for help, which hopefully will not fall on deaf ears. Their story, sadly, is neither exceptional nor rare.

As anyone with a 'disabled' child knows, the government's assistance is but a drop in the ocean. The financial burden alone is incredible. Some families go deep into debt to get their kids the help they need. We are lucky. A few months ago we found a great privately-run school with extremely knowledgeable and caring staff that caters solely for kids with neurological disabilities. It is a haven, although we pay out of pocket for weekly therapies that help my son function and cope with every day challenges.

I'm not sure where we would be without this school, quite frankly. So this is a personal rather than a political plea. Parents at my son's school are hosting an event to raise funds—100 per cent of which will go directly to the kids

'Together We Are Better' promises to be a fun night for both kids and adults. We would be grateful for donations of any goods or services to sell at the silent auction, as well as food and drink to serve at the event.

If you think you may be able to help or contribute in some way, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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Image credits: Flickr/katerha