I’m fat. And I’m disabled. Fat is not my disability. But when fat people are also disabled, the two tend to merge in the minds of casual observers.
It’s emotional for us when people turn to look at our kids. And when their stares linger, it’s hard to handle. But some things aren't what they seem.
In March 2019, the world was shocked (or perhaps not) when the college admissions scandal dropped. The scandal led to 33 arrests.
I went the distraction route. It goes like this and works quite well in a variety of impossible situations.
I think this is one thing that special needs parents understand, and no one else does.
I spend some time thinking of the families who won’t be home for the holidays and I hope, in our small way, we have helped bring the holidays to them.
The first day of school can be a happy one for everyone, including those with special needs, with the right tools in place.
I have yet to meet a teacher who thinks it’s an effective tool at illustrating the success of the curriculum and the way it’s being taught. Most hate it.