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YMC has assembled a diverse group of bloggers, experts, and foodies to share their stories and expertise with our readers - but we know this is just the tip of the talent iceberg.  We’re looking for new writers to share their point of view with the world. If you’re interested in becoming a regular blogger at YMC fill in the form below. 

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To be a YMC blogger, you need to be prepared to write a set number of posts per month, as well as promote your content via social media. You may not get rich working for us, but you will get paid.

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We’re looking for Experts and Storytellers and Foodies who can convey their stories and relate to our readers. You should have a way with words,  a strong written voice, and excellent grasp of grammar. Make this submission count. This is your chance to shine and show us who you really are. Take your time to craft your submission and blow us away with how awesome your writing is, and remember: this is not a race. There's no prize for the fastest submission.


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Right now, we're looking for writers who have a passion for any of these areas: Tech, Finance, Parenting, Pregnancy, DIY, or a mom or dad with a knack for compelling storytelling. Or maybe you're a wildcard! Something we haven't thought about.

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