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Just add urine from a pregnant lady to reveal the discount you will receive on your crib.

Oprah Winfrey's Cecile B. DeMille acceptance speech at the Golden Globes sets the tone for what is to come in 2018.
Is consent as simple as some would make it out to be, as black and white as yes or no? As a parent, I’m going to go with no.

When your baby moves past the solely breast or bottle-fed stage, it’s an exciting time for everyone in the house!
We often shame ourselves into inertia. There is a better way.
Roseanne reboot
Roseanne and the Conner's are getting a TV reboot! Uh oh; They're bringing MAGA hats.
It’s emotional for us when people turn to look at our kids. And when their stares linger, it’s hard to handle. But some things aren't what they seem.