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Nudist Spotted in Children's Swim Ad


Oopsie. It's advertising's version of a streaker at half-time. When the French retailer La Redoute published a promo ad for children’s swimwear, little did they know a nude man was innocently strolling in the background.

Call it a European beach hazard. Although the nudist is barely noticeable at first, his genitals were on show for at least 16 hours, according to Le Figaro, before it was pulled.

“La Redoute apologizes for the photograph published on its site and is taking steps to remove it,” the company tweeted, although I'm sure French moms out there didn't mind the slip, assuming their eyes alone were feasting on the R-rated ads.

The nudist proved a refreshing change from intentionally sexualized advertising. The only thing left to ask is, where can we find this beach...