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YMC is the lens through which Canadian women with kids find inclusive, intelligent, and unfiltered stories and opinions, as well as the little things to help them win the day. It's Motherhood Unfiltered.


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We're often asked who are readers are.

While every one of our readers is unique one thing we know for sure is that once you feel the overwhelming, crushing responsibility of loving a child, you never see the world the same again. You’re now one of the millions of mothers around the globe and yet ironically many of us feel isolated and alone.

You may find yourself asking questions like:

Why didn’t anyone tell me?
How is it possible I can love one person so much?
Why don't I have time for me anymore?
How on earth do I get rid of the soap scum that has made it's home in my shower?

Our readers are women trying to balance raising kids while still finding time for yourself. 

Our readers are you. Welcome to the club. 


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