participation trophy for kids sports
Are participation trophies harmful to kids? This pro-athlete and Dad thinks so.
new york islanders jersey
Jake Lotocki, an 11-year-old hockey fan, wore is Islanders jersey to a Jets vs. Islanders NHL game. What happened next will make your blood boil.
I had jumped to the conclusion that as they had lost, these kids would be unhappy, jealous even. What did that say about me, and the way I view sports?
Meghan Vogel
Teen athlete, Meghan Vogel, shows how true sportsmanship can make you a champion and a hero. Grab a tissue before watching this video.
Really, what is wrong with soccer Moms?
Here are just a few lessons that need to be taught early in life. Maybe we can avoid this kind of stupidity the next time we lose a hockey game.
We decided to let Ethan stay up for the last game of the Stanley Cup. Not only was it possible that a Canadian team might win…
 How to Stop the Insanity of Competitive Parents - Protecting your kid's self esteem in sports and the performing arts | Fashion | Modeling | Acting |
Unfortunately not all parents are as nice as you.