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What the Hell is Wrong With Soccer Moms?

What Happened to Good Sportsmanship?

For the love of Pete, if you are so passionate about soccer...sign yourself up...otherwise leave the poor 8 year olds on the field alone.  I have heard parents yell, bribe, bully and side-line coach.  And someone needs to stop the madness.  Really, what the hell is wrong with soccer Moms?

And Dads...Dads, some of you are just plain "Le Nuts" for yelling out at 13-year old referees for what you think is a "stupid" call.  The 13-year old is doing a part time summer job.  This is not World Cup action here.  Leave him alone. 

When I wrote Kids' Sports: Activity or Armageddon? I wondered what happened to good sportsmanship in kids' sports...from the parents' side.  Whatever happened to playing for fun?  For exercise?  For the love of the game?  Now, I just hear soccer parents calling out "wake up", "that was YOURS" and "c'mon Ref - are you blind?!!" - is this sportsmanship?

This week, I saw a girl break into tears and run off the field.  Not because she missed the ball but because her parents (on the far sideline) called her out about missing the ball.  Gosh - I would run off crying too if someone embarrassed and put me down in such a public way.  Is this building character or breaking childhood?

I know one Dad (who I was embarrassed to sit beside because of all his yelling) that told me his child didn't want him to come to the games anymore.  Geez, I wonder why?! 

Passionate team sports parents need to ease up...or join a sport themselves.