I will never understand where the voice came from nor why, but I can tell you that after that, the world was never the same.
Whether you choose to leave, have an amicable separation, or you’re blindsided by a spouse’s decision to end your marriage, this will be an upset to your life.
Abdomens don’t speak, but it was, and it had a lot to say. I sat down and listened because it’s not everyday you hear your parts talking.
The fancypants moms around here may have their own fashion uniform, but I’m here to tell you that us regular moms can have a Look Book too.
A baby cannot take the place of a mother in your life.
Every moment is a Learning Moment for her, even if it’s the 15th time that day that Caillou has lost his mind over some tiny, insignificant event. I call BS.
I am here to tell you you’re not alone, and I have probably done something dumber than you, due to sleep deprivation.
Everyone told me it was going to get harder. They were right.