This hearty cheeseburger potato soup can be made with aged cheddar cheese or spicy Monterrey Jack for a fast, hot, and filling winter meal! And it's got lots of hidden veggies in it, too. | | YMCFood |
Comfort food in a bowl: Wars have been fought over less.
Leek, potato, and carrot soup
A bowl of warm comfort. You'll be sipping your vegetables and adding bonus bacon to your life with this family recipe.
Try this easy heart warming, nutritious and yummy soup. A full meal in itself when combined with a nice slice of wholesome bread. | YMCFood |
Running short on time? No problem. This hearty soup can be whipped up in only 30 minutes.
There's no magic elixir to help you shed pounds but this soup will kick start your efforts.
Potato, Cheddar and Guinness Soup
The soup that ticks off all the comfort food boxes.