I remember feeling like I wasn’t entitled to that deep of a loss, because I had only been eight or so weeks pregnant.
Ohhhhh, don’t you just hate the feeling of knowing you’re going to have to have that awkward – or worse – conversation with someone?
Go ahead and compare yourself to others, but don’t you dare use that comparison as a measurement for your (or their) success.
Tara asked her child if they were being bullied, and her child indicated the kid at school wasn’t bullying them, they just obviously didn’t like them.
“In my day, we sent our kid to bed hungry if they didn’t eat what was on their plate,” says Aunt Ethel, while baby throws their peas defiantly on the floor.
Every night, my 5 year old gives me a kiss and a hug, then drifts contently off to sleep while I catch up on my favourite TV shows. Also, unicorns are real.
People living with depression, as with any chronic illness or condition, are often bombarded by unsolicited advice from well-meaning loved ones.