Chicken Salad with Feta and Grapes Recipe
Crunchy with bits of salty feta mixed with sweet grapes and chicken make this salad a complete meal perfect for a warm summer's eve.
Ole Salad Recipe
This Mexican-inspired salad that eats like a meal and can be easily adapted to send to school for a healthy lunch.
caesar salad
Turn one of the world's most loved salads into a party appetizer.
Arugula Mint Salad with Bacon and Grapes Recipe
Spicy arugula mixed with sweet grapes and salty bacon creates a salad so flavourful you'll want to eat it every day.
This recipe has a slightly Asian style dressing, combined with fresh pineapple and slices of juicy barbecued steak.
Hazelnut Blue Cheese Spinach Salad Recipe
You don't need a green thumb to create this delicious blue cheese salad.
Spicy Southwest Caesar Salad Recipe
Take your salad from bland to Bene with this Caesar dressing that has a bit of a kick!
Israeli couscous salad
Who says you are stuck with strictly veggies? Try some grainy salads for a change instead of your usual sides and you might be pleasantly surprised!