Would you serve homemade omelettes, appetizers, pastas and veggies entrées to your dog?
Even though I knew I should have gotten my cat neutered, I didn't because I felt it would be an amazing experience for my kids to watch her give birth.
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get a dog from the pound
While some people may tell you adopting a dog from a shelter is problematic, these four tips will help make a smooth transition for your new family member.
I owe dog owners everywhere an apology. I never understood your obsession with sharing photos and stories about your pup, that is, until our new baby arrived.
New Zealand economist Gareth Morgan wants has started the 'Cats To Go' campaign to rid the country of our furry feline friends.
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If you're thinking about getting a hypoallergenic dog for a family member who has allergies, read this before you do. You may be surprised.
by: Alex Thom