I was a fatherless 19-year-old, wounded from a lifetime of disappointing men, when I met Daniel, the man of my dreams.
Woman in Bed
My husband and I are happily married. We enjoy spending time together, but we often don’t sleep in the same bed.
no sex on valentines
Instead of succumbing to the pressure of having Valentine's Day sex, why not do this instead?
Little kids mean some adjustments, but sexy will fit in wherever you let it.
There are many things that my husband and I will NEVER agree on. Utilizing cutlery to eat hamburgers, for example.
This is the stage where you are so in love, you just don’t give a sh*t anymore. And it’s wonderful.
Why are other people always telling me what is good for my marriage and family?
With all of life demands it's hard to keep building and growing in our relationships but these simple ways make it easy.