While anxiety is and always will be a part of our lives, it’s critical that we help our kids to manage and cope so that they can tolerate the uncertain.
Ib some places kids bury their lost tooth which means parents don't wake up in a panic because they forgot to put money under a pillow.
Two young boys fighting over a toy
Sharing is a lovely idea, but the problem is that it’s hard to understand, especially for little ones' brains.
by: Amy Joy
Four fun ways you can connect with your kids and learn more about them in the process.
As a pediatrician, I’ve spent the last 20 years helping parents navigate health decisions for their kids based on an analysis of risk and benefit.
All of these books feature female role models that encourage girls to challenge the norm and to celebrate their individuality.
Here's an easy way to make your kids vaccinations less stressful, less painful and easier to manage.
Mom and Daughter Walking
We want to have connected conversations with our kids, but we often have an agenda in mind or a point we want to make when we get to the moment.