We've all been there... and #2 in our family has become legend.
“What are you writing?” My seven-year-old asks, walking into my bedroom while I sit propped up against pillows, my laptop balanced on my thighs.
advice we should give our children
These heartwarming words of wisdom turned out to be timeless pieces of advice that all parents should teach their kids.
Once a week, my three kids dress themselves in layers for wick/warmth/weather, pack extra socks and gloves, and I drive them to forest school.
It’s Saturday. I have arranged for my daughter to have a friend over. By text, Chloe’s mom and I have agreed that Chloe will come to our house at 1:00 pm.
“Operation Heather X.” That’s what it was called. It was nearly thirty years ago when my friends devised a plan, complete with code name, to exclude me.
I swear, if one more study mom shames me for my picky eaters my head might explode.
Barbie Launches into Space
Barbie launches into space, and we were there to celebrate!
by: Judy