Writing for YMC

Writing for YMC has never been better!

YMC now accepts original, unpublished content and previously published content for syndication.

We accept pitches for individual posts because we are committed to creating space for many voices. Anyone can write about anything, so long as it fits our mandate.

YMC's mission statement reflects the type of content we publish: 

YMC is the lens through which Canadian women with kids find inclusive, intelligent, and unfiltered stories and opinions, as well as the little things to help them win the day. 

YMC is Motherhood unfiltered. 

If you have content ideas to pitch, please email [email protected] for consideration. We especially love parenting humour, smart analysis on timely topics, lists, and personal stories. Include “Pitch” in the subject line, and if content is timely, please indicate as such. You should also include links to pieces you've published elsewhere so we can get a feel for your voice.

YMC pays for original, unpublished content.

Send pitches (no complete pieces) for original work only.

Previously published content will be considered for syndication; please include article in Word doc and send a link to original. Make sure you indicate that the piece has been published elsewhere. 

Read our Editorial Guidelines


YMC’s publishing schedule operates approximately 6-8 weeks ahead of the curve, so while there you’re booking summer camps, we’re already thinking back-to-school. This ensures we have enough time to give each piece the attention it deserves. The editorial process can take a few weeks, so be sure to submit early - we don't want you to miss out!

We edit articles for grammar, spelling, and clarity, as well as assign headlines and images in some cases. We aim to answer all pitches, but due to volume received, this is not always possible.