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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes even an urban community in the big city! Tricia is a proud city girl and single mom of two born performers. A Public Relations executive by day, Tricia juggles motherhood and a demanding career by relying on music, humour and the occasional getaway to Las Vegas :) She works for an international firm in the Consumer Marketing PR practice and is fueled by creativity and possibility.

Tricia went to school to specialize as a child and youth counselor and worked with at-risk youth before getting into PR. She sits on the Board of Directors for Presenting Our Vision (POV), a registered charity that assists economically and socially marginalized youth gain the skills and experience needed to secure employment in film, television and commercial production.

A singer/songwriter on the side, Tricia is always up for an impromptu performance ... whether that be a professional gig or a night of karaoke or sitting at her desk at work. Ask her about the time she sang for Prince Andrew, which Weasley twin invited her to see his band play and why Valerie Pringle calls Tricia her avatar.

Twitter: @triciasoltys

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