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Tonia Jahshan and her husband Hatem went on a passionate search for a great cup of tea. During a visit to Nova Scotia in 2006, they stayed at a small bed and breakfast and enjoyed a cup of tea called Crème Earl Grey. They had no idea tea could be this good.

When Tonia got home, she quickly put a business plan together and started Steeped Tea Inc. The tea party idea took off within 8 months and she knew she could not do 15 parties a month on her own anymore. They incorporated the business and hired their first consultant in September of 2007. The rest as they say is history.
Tonia and Hatem have a beautiful little girl named Layla and hope to have another one soon. Hatem is currently finishing his MBA at the University of Toronto while managing Steeped Tea and their Subway store.

There are “Steeped” Tea Party Consultants all over Ontario who would love to throw you a tea party. Book one today by visiting!