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 Nutritionist/ Dietary Designer


Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and multiple food and environmental allergies 25 years ago, Shirley has learned through personal experience how hard it is to change your life for the better. 


Shirley understands first hand the difficulties of trying to plan creative, nutritious and affordable menus while having to avoid such common foods as wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, gluten, sugar, just to name a few.  But through understanding, education and a keen interest to help people find food alternatives to fit into their life schedules, Shirley has developed an expertise and well known reputation in Dietary Design.


Shirley is the Food Editor for General Store Publishing House and author of ‘Finally Food I Can Eat’ an inspirational dietary guide and cookbook for people with food allergies and food intolerance. She has written articles for Eco- Sense, the Celiac News, Total Fit Magazine, as well as Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life blog and Mindbodygreen.  She has held seminars on food allergies, cooking and menu planning.


As a Nutritionist and Dietary Designer, Shirley brings a sound expertise and understanding to clients and their families that few can match. Her pleasant and caring manner, her own experiences as a food allergy sufferer and her creative design flare, makes Shirley, Delicious Alternatives and her cookbook Finally Food I Can Eat “a must” for clients struggling to find the light at the end of dietary tunnel.   

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My kids are everyone else's kids. I have never been blessed with children but helped to raise my 2 wonderful nephews who are now 27 and 31 yrs of age and well I am a Mother to my dog, Buddy.
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A full time job and one of the most important jobs there is
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When I am laughing
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The Avocado Girl
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credit cards, money, business cards, iphone
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Abundant energy
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my backyard
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