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Sarah is a nurse who fell in love with and married a farmer. They're raising their three 5th generation farm boys on the beautiful Alberta prairies where they also raise wheat, canola and yellow peas on the family grain farm east of Calgary. Sarah was a former city girl who loves embracing her life as a farm wife and mom. She loves cooking and baking for her family and sharing family-friendly recipes on her blog. She's often found with a camera in her hands documenting life on the family farm. Sarah is passionate about agriculture and sharing everything she learns with her readers about food and farming to help bridge the farm to food gap with consumers. She also loves to write about lots of parenting challenges and issues including breastfeeding, cloth diapering, sleep training and more.

About my kids: 
Braden is our oldest is 6 and he's just started grade 1 and loves playing Tykes hockey with his dad as assistant coach and soccer in the spring. He's kind, generous, smart and very funny. He has a love of Lego, Xbox and reading and has quite the imagination. Ethan will be 4 in October and is a sweet and funny little boy with a stubborn side! He's in playschool again this year and is looking forward to honing his skating skills so he can play hockey this winter. Jonathan is the newest edition, born at the end of April. He was born with a birth defect called craniosynostosis and had surgery to repari it when he was 11 weeks old. He's currently in helmet therapy to finish repairing his skull shape and is healthy and thriving! The boys love farm life and going to work with daddy.
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The biggest challenge and biggest blessing I've received in my life.
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I truly love spending time with my family. Watching movies, going skating, spending time on the combine in the fall --- those are my most favourite times. I'm not going to lie though, I do also love my "me time" days in the city. Shopping without being rushed, enjoying a steeped tea from Tim Horton's in peace and quiet, browsing books in Chapters and a day at the spa is a rare, but much loved treat!
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Nurse Loves Farmer
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