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Rubina loves to tell stories and save money, and has turned those two skills into a career.  Her current moniker is “Money Expert,” on various TV and radio shows. She also writes for several magazines and websites.  Her attitude is to give straight forward, realistic money advice, news, and commentary. She wants people to learn to start paying themselves and managing their investments.

She has one three year-old daughter Salma (and yes; she is named after Salma Hayek, the world famous actress) and one on the way. Having her first baby at 36 she never thought she would identify with being aYummy Mummy. She admits she was green as a new mom and her daughter was one of the first newborns she held for more than 5 minutes. Rubina says, and it sounds like a cliché, but motherhood does come naturally.

She has a no nonsense approach to life. She doesn’t like wishy washy people. She has hustle and expects that from all those around her.

In her circle of friends, she’s been called, transparent, loud, opinionated, sweet, understanding and obnoxious. She wears all those titles proudly. Follow her on Twitter @alwayssavemoney.

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