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Recently separated, Robyn is an extremely proud mom of Breton and Daphne. She tries to update her blog regularly but current events have hijacked her time to do so. She works as a Directress at a Montessori school. She is so grateful to all her family and friends who have supported her through this awful time and who will be there to witness this new chapter in her life.

Parenting is...: 
not as hard as everyone thinks it is. My awesome kids are proof of this.
When are you at your yummiest?: 
Having fun with my children. My own and my students.
If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?: 
What's currently in your purse?: 
wallet, mini medicine cabinet and an extra pair of underwear...just in case
What superhero power would you like to have?: 
If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?: 
wouldn't hide it! it would be on the front lawn for all to come and see