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Robyn Harding grew up in a small town in northern British Columbia. She moved to Vancouver at eighteen to study journalism, before stumbling into a career in the advertising industry. When her children were born, she left her full time job to work as a freelance copywriter. While juggling two toddlers and various copywriting gigs, Robyn managed to write a novel (don’t ask her how she did it because she really can’t quite believe it herself). “The Journal of Mortifying Moments” was published n 2004, followed by “The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom”, “Unravelled” and “Chronicles of a Mid Life Crisis”. Her first teen novel, “My Parents Are Sex Maniacs… A High School Horror Story” was recently published, along with her first nonfiction book, “Mom, Will This Chicken Give Me Man Boobs? My Confused, Guilt-Ridden and Stressful Struggle to Raise a Green Family”. Robyn lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband, son, daughter and a seven pound dog named Ozzie.

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