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Natasha Rajamani is a product of her generation. Like a lot of twenty-somethings, she’s just trying to figure it all out one Facebook/Instagram/Twitter post at a time. She’s a dreamer in mind, a creative at heart, and a wanderer at soul. When she’s not buried in a book, planning her next adventure, or attempting to sew her own wardrobe, she obsesses over her baby niece who lives across the border, and whose coos, laughter and cries wrench her heart every time she FaceTimes her. At first ambivalent about wanting kids herself, she waits in anticipation for stories and anecdotes about her niece’s trials and tribulations as she develops and learns to navigate the world around her. Longing for her niece’s amazing baby smell (why do babies smell so good?!) every hour she spends as a writer of Sunwing Vacations’ Content Team, it’s all she can do to keep herself from creating a mini-human being with her boyfriend (who she met on Tinder, obviously). You can find Natasha on Twitter: @naroswara

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