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Melissa is a mover and shaker in Calgary. She is a social media maven, blogger and the go-to resource for moms in the city looking for great things to do with their children. After being frustrated with scouring what seemed like an endless mish-mash of bits and pieces of information on family recreation around the city, Melissa and her friend Voula started the website in 2008 to create a one stop source of community events and activities for Calgary families. Combining work with parenting, Melissa’s unfailing dedication to both proves that they are not mutually exclusive. As she roars through the city with kids in tow to attend yet another special event that she can share with her children, families around the city benefit from her first-hand experience. Whether a new mom or simply new to the city, Melissa has successfully engaged a whole city of moms, helping them combat the inanities of raising children through fun and humour.

In 2012 Melissa and Voula launched, the hub for family fun in Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton (coming soon).

Follow Melissa on Twitter at @MelissaVroon