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Kerrie Lee Brown has a passion for health and wellness that spans almost two decades. Her unique experience and perspective on the demands women put on themselves has positioned Kerrie as an expert on maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Besides writing for various mainstream magazines, including Chatelaine, Best Health, Glow, Women’s Running, etc., she has appeared on numerous television and radio shows as a health and lifestyle expert.

Kerrie Lee Brown is best known for her roles as editor-in-chief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness, founding editor of the men’s title American Health & Fitness, and executive editor at Today’s Parent magazine. Today she is a freelance writer/editor and the author of “My Heart, My Self: A Guide For Women Who Do Too Much” based on her real-life story of having heart surgery at age 39 combined with practical tips on how women can slow down and examine their own daily stressors to lead happier, healthier lives.

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