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With 15 years invested in a high-paced corporate career, Julie didn't expect life to change quite as much as it did when she decided to face her alcoholism and learn to experience her journey fully.

Julie is a mom to two wonderful little ladies, wife to an amazing man, a Christian woman who faces life head on and manages to keep her faith and sense of humour. This was truly put to the test in Feb/2010 when she was involved in a car accident from which she is still recovering.

Sober Julie Doing Life is a blog filled with real life struggles and situations. Julie writes from the heart in a fresh, direct way. Julie often writes about the challenges of dealing with a brain injury, PTSD and physical injuries, her 12 Step Program, her speaking engagements, her love of beauty products and life in general with her two daughters, husband and dog. The results are often sarcastic and amusing but always thought provoking.