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La Cuisine d'Hélène is passionate about food, global travel and photography. She is a mom of 3, one girl and two boys. Baking is her passion and she makes yummy desserts. She likes to create new recipes in her kitchen that she shares on her blog: La Cuisine d'Hélène.

Being in the kitchen started at a very young age for Hélène. When her parents were busy on the farm she would make supper for them. She also likes to read but the books you will find in her home are cookbooks. She has a great collection.

She volunteers at the food bank, the Arts center and she is the manager for her son hockey team. She believes that if you are healthy you should give back to the community. She lived in 7 provinces and now resides in Ottawa, ON.

During her free time she loves to travel around the world. She always take her camera with her. Other interests are yoga, hiking and camping. 

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