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Heather Dixon is a copywriter at Mabel's Labels, a runner, a wife and a Mummy to three highly-advanced little girls (according to her husband and her). Having three wee ones has made her realize many things, including how horrible her singing voice is, how fun random kitchen dance parties are, and how lucky she is to have her own Mummy living close by. 

She is known as many things: Pumpkin Seed, Mummy, Hunner and - unfortunately - Booger McFats. (She has an older brother). 

If she's not tidying up the kitchen, doing laundry, or on the floor playing 'horsey' for the 8 millionth time, you might find her curled up in bed with a good book (preferrably Judy Blume). Bliss.

About my kids: 
My three daughters (age 6 and under) are hilarious, passionate, sensitive, energetic, pretty darn cute and a lot of fun. They've made me realize who I was meant to be.
Parenting is...: 
Hard. But probably the best, most amazing thing I've ever experienced in my life.
We know you don't have a lot, but when you do, what do you like to do in your spare time?: 
I love to run, even if I'm not that fast. I'm a book nerd (but haven't had much time to read lately), I love movies and dining on fancy food and good wine - but I'm just as happy going to the pub for beer and pizza.
When are you at your yummiest?: 
When I'm at home, with my kids and my husband. Around the dinner table, on the floor playing, chasing each other around the backyard or having a dance party in the kitchen.
If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?: 
Where did all this damn grey hair come from and when did I become a grown up?
What's currently in your purse?: 
Wallet, brush, appointment book (I'm incredibly old school in that way), pens, lip balm, moisturizer, a few diapers, wipes and a handful of crayons.
What superhero power would you like to have?: 
Sense of style (Not a superhero power per se, but I could use some help).
If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?: 
In the cups of my nursing bras
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