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Farah Perelmuter, CEO & CO-FOUNDER of SPEAKERS' SPOTLIGHT started her career in the advertising industry. In 1995, she took a deep breath and a major plunge into the biggest risk of her life. Yes, she married Martin Perelmuter (but was pretty sure that would work out), and together, they quit their jobs and started their own business, Speakers’ Spotlight. The adventure began.

Due to the fabulous team at Speakers’ Spotlight, the business has grown beyond Farah’s expectations. Today, they have offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. Most recently, Farah and Martin Perelmuter were named finalists for the 2008 Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Farah enjoys running the business with Martin, but for this couple, the most rewarding time is spent being Mommy and Daddy to their children, Jade and Cole.