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Lisa has been writing Fab Frugal Mama for the past six years. She started the blog while under the influence (delirious from sleepless nights with baby #2), yet continued writing it even after her sleep schedule returned to normal.

Now her sleepless nights aren't (usually) kid-related, they're business-related. She started her own Marketing and Social Media Consulting business in 2011, which keeps her very busy. But it's ok... chocolate keeps her going.

About my kids: 
They're cute, cuddly and love snuggles. They're also full of beans and are extroverts, just like me.
Parenting is...: 
...a mish-mash of good times, bad times, runny noses, snuggles, sleepless nights, hugs and general exhaustion. But, it's still the best job on earth! (I don't know of anyone who would take a job willingly with *that* job description... LOL)
We know you don't have a lot, but when you do, what do you like to do in your spare time?: 
Read, indulge in hunk-filled tv shows (Arrow is a fav!), eat, get manicures, go for walks, snuggle with my kids!
When are you at your yummiest?: 
When I've had time to shower! ;)
What's currently in your purse?: 
Lip balm, wallet, hair elastics, gum, smartphone, iPad Mini, keys
What superhero power would you like to have?: 
The ability to fly... I'm always late!
If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?: 
Under my enormous tushie (that I got from sitting at my desk working all day... LOL)
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