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By day, Chau punctuates sentences, proofreads paragraphs, and plays with words as a freelance creative writer and editor with over 10 years experience in marketing and communications. Writing media releases, editing brochures, proofreading websites, and brainstorming blog post ideas are just a few of her many talents. She has worked with clients of all sizes, from small boutique firms to large corporations, and from a wide range of industries. Driven by her passion for the written word, she helps clients create content that gets their point across clearly and meaningfully. By night, she is a mom, wife, volleyball player, and avid reader.

About my kids: 
Chloe is a precocious, curious, and very aware little toddler who doesn't feel like talking yet (we expect her to spew full-length sentences any day now). A cute 17.5-month-old, this half-Vietnamese, half-German little girl has more personality than a classroom of kids put together, and the attitude to go with it, of course. She is loved by her parents, both sets of grandparents, 2 aunts, and uncle.
Parenting is...: 
challenging (a.k.a., damn hard) yet very rewarding
We know you don't have a lot, but when you do, what do you like to do in your spare time?: 
trying out kickboxing right now playing volleyball reading a good book watching a great movie sleep play board games spend time with hubby (and friends) have coffee with girlfriends
When are you at your yummiest?: 
after I've had a solid night of sleep
If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?: 
Tired But Determined Worrier (Warrier?) Trying to Do It All
What's currently in your purse?: 
A ton of receipts. Strawberry lip balm from Body Shop. A pen. Some change. (I'd have more but it's a small purse.)
What superhero power would you like to have?: 
If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?: 
My pocket (I'd shrink it first of course)
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