How The Hell Does Mother's Day Work With Two Moms?

in this case, each of the moms is going to choose a random weekend to be 'her' weekend

two moms on mothers day

I am one of two moms—I am Mommy and my wife, Andrea, is Mama. There are many things I can address being one of two moms, but since Mother's Day just passed, let's start with that and see where we land!

We have two little babes under the age of four, so we usually recieve potted plants, lotions, and a lot of crafts using the little ones' hands (which we LOVE!). The kids' daycare and school are great sending home a gift for mommy and for mama, which make our four-year-old so proud! As I rub on lotions, water plants, and display all the crafts, I wonder, "How do I get a relaxing weekend out of this Mother's Day thing?" 

We have talked in the past about one of us taking Mother's Day and the other Father's Day. Seems to be an easy solution, but as we have learned, there are no easy solutions when you are talking parenting roles. We know that there are plenty of kids out there that have one mom and no dad or the reverse, we know we are lucky that our kids have two moms—two parents to share in the raising of our little family; however, it does get a little sticky to have one mom receive Father's Day gifts . . . they do tend to be pretty male-specific. In our household, those gifts created at school and daycare go to grandpa and papa, which at this point seems to make everyone happy.

The Plan:

We will each choose a weekend to be catered to. Easy peasy! I have to admit, we talked about this last year and forgot about it, so after I am finished writing this, I am booking my weekend! We all have things that make us and our families different than those around us—no two people or families are exactly alikethat is what makes life interesting. Things don't always have to be complicated! So for now, we have an easy solution to make our Mother's Day special for us and our kidsit just won't be called Mother's Day (the name is still in the works)!

If you have a unique way to spend Mother's Day, I would love to hear it!

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