Why Mama Needs A Break (And A Martini)

don't forget to take a moment for you–and enjoy this Me-Time Martini


For me, martinis and motherhood go hand in hand. A beautiful martini to a mom is like a scrumptious chocolate sundae to a kid. It’s our treata reward for the effort that goes into the many roles that we play.

So much of our time, as mothers, is spent feeding, fixing, tidying, teaching, clothing, and doing our best to make sure everybody has what they need.

For many, this juggling act extends beyond the home and into the workforce or into the homes of friends and family. There is never a shortage of commitments. This multi-tasking way of life comes with the territory. And we do our best to stay afloat, uneasy at times in the knowledge that our efforts won’t always be enough . . . We don’t do it for praise or recognition or for the love of cooking and cleaning. We don’t do it because we enjoy being pushed to the limits by toddler defiance and stressful homework sessions. We do it because we signed up for it. It’s our job. But also because these time-consuming, energy-draining, age-inducing creatures are the most important people in our lives and we want what’s best for them. Their needs, their happiness, their safety, their health, their successes, and their dreams are at the top of our very long to-do lists. But let us not forget ourselves and our own needs on that never-ending list. Of course, drinking alone is not technically a need, nor do I recommend doing this in abundance, but taking a moment for you absolutely is a need. So is a bit of self-appreciation. Your personal to-do list shouldn’t be swept to the bottom of that big family one. Sometimes, you need to bump your needs up and give them some priority. For me, making a martini is one little way to treat myself and my friends to a little Me or We Time. If you don’t drink alcohol, make a mocktail. If you’re health-minded, go with a light martini like a Slimtini (with fresh pink grapefruit and vodka). As long as it looks and feels like a treat, then it will serve its purpose perfectly. Make sure to think nice thoughts about yourself while you’re sipping. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re not perfect. No mother is. But you’re doing your best. And, besides, a mom who’s had a break is a nicer mom. Here is an easy recipe for a Me Time Martini. It tastes a lot like a Coke float, so it’s quite indulgent—an ideal treat for a mom in need of a time out. Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Baileys1 oz. Vodka1 oz. Coca Cola Method: 1. Fill a metal shaker with ice.2. Pour in the Baileys, vodka, and Coke.3. Shake, shake, shake, and strain into your martini glass of choice.4. Optional garnish: chocolate shavings or whipped cream with a cherry on top.5. Now make a toast to yourself, to Me Time, and to your family who make this Me Time so necessary. Find out what cocktail recipe matches the music you are listening to. Two moms give real life advice on how to make time for yourself a priority. Check out these strategies that work.  

Shannon Day is a contently suburban wife and mom to 3 little ladies. After spending the past 10 years in her husband's homeland, England, she and her family have made their way to the GTA.  Once a teacher now a story maker and occasional cocktail shaker, Shannon shares her stories and martini recipes over at www.martinisandmotherhood.com