7 Steps To Falling Deeply, Madly In Love With Yourself

Because You can't love others until you love yourself

love yourself

I am neither an expert nor a master of self-love. I am a student and a teacher. As Cheryl Richardson says, “We teach that which we need to learn the most.” Self-love is a concept that I first heard about three years ago. It has taken me this long to move from concept to practice. Now it is no longer simply a concept, it is a knowing beyond what I can express in words.

Anyone that is alive today can learn self-love. Commitment and practice are necessary to lead you to the abundance of anything and everything you desire. Through your willingness to love yourself, you stand tall, you reclaim your authentic power, and you vibrate an energy that is sure to have a positive and empowering impact on others. Love yourself so that you can love others.

1. Stop Resisting

You were born fully equipped to love yourself. As we grow in age and experiences, we begin to create a shield of protection to keep us safe. We begin to believe other people’s opinion of us more than we believe our own opinion. In time, we forget that we once loved ourselves deeply. Now is the time to STOP IT—reclaim your right to love.

2. Trust in a Higher Power

Whatever you choose to call it—be it God, Higher Self, Light, Soulthe name is irrelevant. It is only important that you become aware that you are more than just your body. When you trust in a power beyond the physical, you begin to learn you are safesafe to express yourself, safe enough to put down your shield of protection.

3. Allow Yourself to Feel

When you feel through your emotions, you open your heart. It may not be a comfortable process at first. If you are already uncomfortable trying to suppress your emotions, why not be uncomfortable a little while longer in order to bring your desires to fruition. Emotional intelligence is arguably the single most valuable skill you can learn. Just remember that it is a skill and you can learn it, can’t you?

4. Forgive

What could you want that forgiveness could not deliver? Do you want peace of mind? Happiness? Freedom? Prosperity? Joy? All of this and so much more is yours once you truly forgive others and yourself. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful agents of self-love. Just remember that forgiveness is for you, to set you free, to show you the path to a love greater than you can imagine.

5. Be Your Own Best Friend

Pay attention to the voice in your head. Listen now. Does it sound like someone you would want to spend a pleasant afternoon with? If not, then go ahead and say your goodbyes. It’s time to let go of that voice. Replace it with a voice that sounds like your best friend. Someone that loves you and wants the best for you at all times.

6. Give Gratitude

Gratitude is the rich soil where you plant your desires. Start each day giving gratitude for what you experienced in the last 24 Hours. Many people delay gratitude. When you delay gratitude you delay the feeling of self-love. A daily practice of gratitude will accelerate you to falling deeply, madly in love with yourself.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

The most important step to ensure your success in growing your self-love is to practice. One of the best ways to practice self-love is to spend time looking at your own eyes in a mirror while repeating loving affirmations. The affirmations listed below are just a few to get you started. As you continue your practice just say what feels good. Take the pressure off, you don’t have to master the skill, simply commit to being a life long student. I guarantee this practice will be the single most pleasurable experience of your life.


Everyday in everyway I love and accept myself more and more.

Everyday in everyway I love and approve of myself more and more.

Everyday in everyway I value myself more and more.

Everyday in everyway I get better and better.

I am loved.

I am lovable.

I am in the process of falling madly, deeply in love with myself.

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Sandra Sampson is a Mom, a Board Certified NLP Master Coach, and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Sandra coaches and guides you on how to access and BELIEVE in your authentic power, VISUALIZE success in all areas of your life, CREATE your dreams with excellence and follow through for prosperity. Sandra’s mission is to be a powerful agent for transformational change. Sandra feels blessed to have received the gift of transformational change and she is inspired to be a guide for others that are ready to live their dreams. Believe-Visualize-Create! Connect with Sandra at www.sandrasampson.com or @SampsonSandra on Twitter!