What Do You REALLY Want For Mother's Day?

Husband and wife discuss Mother's Day gifts—Will their answers match up?

What I Think My Wife Wants For Mother's Day

by: Joe Boughner

I should say, at the outset, that my wife is a far better gift buyer than I am. That should be on the record. It's not particularly relevant, since this particular holiday isn't about her giving me gifts, but I feel like it should be noted. So noted it is. 

So. What do I think she wants for Mother's Day? It's a tricky question because the potentially-obvious answer — time with her special little girl — is hardly a deviation from the norm. She's home with her every day. But one of my go-to gift themes, time for herself (in the form of a trip to the spa or me taking the kid on an adventure so she can relax at home or something), also feels sort of off the mark on Mother's Day (as does my other go-to theme — random Dr. Who swag from Think Geek). 

Right then. On to other sources of inspiration!

Television shows tell me the kid and I are supposed to make some adorably-tacky craft — a handprint-in-clay coaster or a not-quite properly spelled handmade card, but the kid's a pretty prolific crafter already. Our house isn't lacking in handmade memories.

A cursory search of the internet for "Mother's Day gift ideas" turns up a range of gadgets and gift ideas (often with convenient and not wholly-surprising affiliate links to Amazon sales!) but this feels like a cop out. Besides, my wife will be the first to admit that she's a tough person to buy things like this for since she tends to just go get things she wants or needs on her own time, regardless of any gift-giving holidays that may loom on the horizon. 

Truth be told, the best gift I can give her, really, is to continue to live up to my commitment to be a better husband and father and take advantage of the new energy I have at home after a recent career change. It's not something I can wrap up and leave tucked under her pillow but, as a woman, wife and mother, it's what she deserves more than anything.

But I'll probably make her breakfast in bed too. Just to cover my bases. 



What I Want for Mother’s Day

by: Amy Boughner

Joe gets frustrated trying to buy me presents because since I got my first job and have had my own money I pretty much buy what I want when I want it. At the same time, I also have that stereotypical feeling that I don’t want to have to tell him what I want.

It must be really frustrating for him. 

Honestly, Mother’s Day doesn’t feel like it should be a big thing. It also feels like a day I should take the opportunity for a break but at the same time a day I should spend with our daughter. 

In the past Joe’s most successful gifts have been experiences. Last year he took me to St. John’s, this year I got a day in Kingston, and a facial is always a big hit, or the chance to go to the movies by myself, a night off bedtime. 

Of course, I’m already spending this Mother’s Day at Ottawa Comicon, so maybe just permission to buy myself some geeky goods? 

Can you ever have too many TARDIS replicas?

If Joe were to buy me something to prove that he loves me above all else, no matter how much we disagree on something, it would be this


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