Make a difference in the lives of children too sick to leave the hospital who are missing home this holiday season.
Skin Testing for Allergy Oral Challenge |
How many other kids are out there living in fear of contact with foods they're not allergic to?
by: Alex Thom
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Why are so many people falsely reporting food allergies? |
Food allergies and sensitivities were an astounding eight times more common than actual confirmed allergies. EIGHT TIMES.
by: Alex Thom
oral challenges for allergy testing
Dr. Adell Atkinson of SickKids explains exactly what to expect when your child goes for an oral food challenge (and if they are even a good candidate).
by: Alex Thom
SickKids' Allergy Program Aims to Eliminate Allergies
Fatal allergic reactions are a very real, and very terrifying possibility for nearly 30,000 Canadian families.
by: Alex Thom
wanda clay
Want your kids to do something groundbreaking and fun this summer? How about getting into the Guinness Book of World Records?
(Spoiler: it’s so easy, there’s literally no reason NOT to)