I started reading the new novel "Floors" by Patrick Carman with zero expectations and it quickly became one of my favourite books in recent years.
As we await the birth of our friend's third child, we've been thinking about some of our favourite books to give to expectant parents.
The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories, is a collection of seven unpublished short stories by Dr. Seuss which will soon become a new classic.
One reason we love children's books is that they deal with lots of life's issues and problems in straightforward, and often times humorous, ways.
Not only are pirate characters popular on TV, but there are also some mighty fine picture books with pirate. Here are some of arrrrr favourites.
I will be the first to admit that I am a book snob. However, Julie Andrews' new picture book ended up teaching me a lesson.
It's tough to operate a small family-run business. Why are we working our tails off to make it happen? This is more than just a job for us.
Context can alter the way you think of a piece of art, which is the case with the new book Bumble-Ardy by Maurice "Where the Wild Things Are" Sendak.